The GingGrinch that Stole Christmas


 The Ging’Grinch’ That Stole Christmas

By Scott Rohter

‘Twas the Newt before Christmas and all through the House

Eager to know who’s up in the polls

Who’d win Iowa and New Hampshire before the first snows.


Eager Republicans line up in a row

   While vying for office and spending much of their dough

While conservatives were hanging all of their hopes

On the dubious premise that voters were more than mere dopes!


Now pundits in the media did conjecture and boast

That voter apathy was likely over for most

M. Bachmann, Perry, Santorum and Paul

Were four free marketers who’d make life better for all.


But the powers that be had a different plan

They were throwing their weight behind a Newt kind of man

Some claimed it was Romney, but I knew the truth

It was the Ging’Grinch’ that stole Christmas.  I’ll bet my eyetooth!


Democrat incumbents were running around in the night

Worried their pet House cat was getting ready to bite

Scurrying about like scared little mice

Afraid that the voters were not going to be nice.


Meanwhile in Washington Congress was meeting at night

Driving spending Bills forward with no debt end in sight

Traveling down that long, winding road

That leads only to ruin, Austrian economics has showed.


Our country keeps waiting. The future is in doubt

We need honest leaders to help us find our way out

Of the financial disaster we got ourselves in

By trusting politicians who sold us just spin.


The Republic is waiting,  America’s future is in the balance

We need men and women with the right skill and talents

Who will win the Caucus in the Hawkeye State?

Can a conservative win New Hampshire or is that already too late?


Now all the candidates are hopeful tonight.  Their campaigns are ready to go

Persuade Iowa voters, and if by chance oh, 

I could just convince them to beware of Big Gov

And move our great Nation with just a small shove.

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About Scott Rohter

Property rights activist and author of Oregon House Bill 3453 and Senate Bill 929 which seeks to bring the Oregon State Constitution into compliance with the United States Constitution. Also successfully opposed the Oregon DMV practice of allowing police officers and other law enforcement officials to anonymously report alleged bad drivers in Oregon. Author and publisher of the website called lessgovisthebestgov,com which advocates for a return to the principles of limited Constitutional government.
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