Scott Rohter

About Scott Rohter

A Property rights activist since 1995. A former Republican precinct committee person. The author of Oregon House Bill 3453 in the 1995 session of the Oregon State Legislature, which passed and was signed into law as House Bill 4111 during the 2012 session of the Oregon State Legislature. This legislation brings the Oregon State Constitution into better compliance with the United States Constitution with respect to private property rights and the Bill of Rights.

In 2008 I successfully opposed the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles’ practice of allowing law enforcement officials to anonymously report individuals as alleged bad drivers. I am also the author and publisher of a website which advocates for a return to the principles of limited government, without which we cannot hope to retain our freedom. My articles have been published in various publications at various times across the country such as the Roseburg Beacon, the Eugene Register Guard, RedState.Com, FreeRepublic.Com, Examiner.Com, and EmergingCorruption.Com among other places. In 2006 I wrote a poem entitled An Open borders – America’s Achilles Heel. It appears on the national website of

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