No Newt Is Good Newt


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No Newt is Good Newt

  by Scott Rohter, January  2012


 Newt On The Constitution:

“The American challenge in leading the World is compounded by our Constitution. Either we are going to have to rethink our Constitution, or we are going to have to rethink our process of making decisions.” - Newt Gingrich


Newt On National Sovereignty and International Trade:

“We need to be honest about the fact that we are transferring from the United States at a practical level, significant authority to a new organization… This is not just another trade agreement!  This is doing something which twice, once in the 1940′s, and once in the 1950′s, the US Congress rejected… It is a very big transfer of power!” – Newt Gingrich   (Note: After Newt gave this assesment of what Congress was about to do, he still went ahead and voted anyway to surrender American sovereignty on matters having to do with foreign trade, to an international authority called the World Trade Organization, under the auspices of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in 1994.


1980′s  Newt’s first marriage ends in divorce.        

1990′s  Newt’s second marriage ends in divorce.   

1995     Newt comments about himself that in order to understand him, you had to read futurist author Alvin Toffler’s book,  The Third Wave.  Toffler writes about a ‘new world order’ in which promiscuity, homosexuality, and immorality are all considered to be perfectly normal, and even desirable.  Newt reccommends reading Toffler’s book to all members of Congress.   

1996     Newt writes foreward to Alvin Toffler’s second book, Creating a New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave.  

1999     Newt involved in a controversial book deal, and an affair. He resigns from Congress amid serious ethics violations.  

2004 – 2008  Newt recieves  1.5  million dollars from the financially troubled Freddie Mac.   

2008 – 2009  Newt records the  “We Can Solve It”  global warming  television commercial with Nancy Pelosi, for Al Gore.  

2009 – 2010  Newt travels around the country with Arne Duncan, President Obama’s Secretary of Education, and Al Sharpton, to promote the President’s “Race To The Top”  National Education Policies.   

2010     Newt supports the pro abortion, pro union candidate, Dede Scozzafava in New York’s 23rd District Special Congressional Election, against the real TEA Party Conservative, Doug Hoffman.    2010

2011     Newt says in a nationally televised interview that he didn’t like Right Wing social engineering any more than he liked Left Wing social engineering.   



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About Scott Rohter

Property rights activist and author of Oregon House Bill 3453 and Senate Bill 929 which seeks to bring the Oregon State Constitution into compliance with the United States Constitution. Also successfully opposed the Oregon DMV practice of allowing police officers and other law enforcement officials to anonymously report alleged bad drivers in Oregon. Author and publisher of the website called lessgovisthebestgov,com which advocates for a return to the principles of limited Constitutional government.
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